Muziboo is shutting down. Please read our blog post on it. This is a backup service to help you export your data. New signups and uploads are disabled. Please export all your stuff out before Dec 15th, 2014, after which the backup service will be offline.


The easiest way to Upload Music and share it on Facebook & Twitter

Upload & Organize

Upload Music and Organize it into albums

Upload MP3 & Organize it in Albums. Upload upto 3 songs free every month. Upgrade to a Pro Account to get unlimited uploads!

Discuss & Learn

A community to discuss your music

Muziboo is home to over 500,000 musicians and music lovers. Discuss your creations with them. Critique their music!

Share on Facebook & Twitter

Share your music on Facebook & Twitter

Take your music where your fans hang out. Once you link your accounts, you can post automatically to Twitter and Facebook

Got Questions?

What is Muziboo?

Muziboo is a platform to upload music that you have created and share with your friends on the site and other social networks.

Can I share music on Facebook from Muziboo?

Yes. All you have to do is connect your Facebook account and click on the Facebook icon below the song player to post.

Can I upload songs to Twitter from Muziboo?

Sure! You can connect your Twitter account and post to Twitter right from the song page.

Do I have to pay to use Muziboo?

Muziboo is absolutely free for uploading upto 3 songs a month. For unlimited uploads and more goodness, you can upgrade to our premium plan (

Can I download tracks? Can other mine?

You can enable downloads for your music. Similarly if other musicians have enabled it, you can download their songs too.

How do I play music on Muziboo?

You can play music by installing a flash player. Most computers already have a flash player installed so you might have to do nothing extra to play music. Just use our web player.

How do I find content in Muziboo?

You can use the search feature to look for content in Muziboo.

Can I upload songs and listen to music on mobile?

Unfortunately Muziboo offers limited functionality on Mobile phones. We are working on improving this.

Do I get an artist profile?

Every Muziboo member gets their own profile page. It's free of cost and it's awesome! You can showcase all your music and albums on Muziboo.

I need help! What do I do

Please click on the contact support button if you need help in using Muziboo